Granit machine in Tashkent

Product Features:

This machine is the flagship version of the CNC wire saw. Hexagonal rails and twenty-eight sets of roller structures are used for lifting.

The bogie has a double nut structure, and the track has a reinforced steel frame type structure.

The guide part has an S-shaped curved road waterproof structure, and the main machine adopts the frequency conversion speed regulation function.

It has the advantages of high processing precision, greater precision, more stable cutting and high cutting efficiency.


At the same time, it uses computer numerical control and four-axis joint, which can handle various shapes of marble and granite, such as round plates, cylinders, Roman columns, numbers, letters, and Chinese characters.

Parameter Unit of measure
Maximum processing size mm 2000x3000x1500
Cart size mm 1400×2500
Main mat Kw 11
Total weight kg 6000
Water flow M 3 / h 4