The Grandgranit company specializes in the supply of granite processing equipment. The goal of our company is to simplify and make cooperation with Chinese representatives as efficient as possible, taking on the implementation of your foreign economic activity (FEA), as well as concluding contracts, taking into account all the specifics of cooperation with Chinese companies. Also, our company provides consulting services for doing business with China. The staff of our company employs employees with many years of experience and knowledge in the fields of business, consulting, logistics, finance, as well as those who are versed in the laws of both countries.


The Grandgranit company provides services in the following areas:


  • Supply of equipment from China to Uzbekistan
  • Гранит в Узбекистане
  • Оборудование из Китая в Казахстан
  • Перевозка контейнеров из Китая в Ташкент
  • Консультации по ведению бизнеса с Китаем